Meet KB

“Music in the soul can be heard by the universe.” ― Lao Tzu

Kristina (nicknamed “KB” by close friends and family) was born under the Cali sun and locally grown near the waters, trees and concrete jungles surrounding the emerald city of Seattle (shoutout to the Bremerton homies!).

A natural performer, PNW native and multi-hyphenated artist, KB developed her ear for all sorts of sounds at a very young age. She grew up in a musically-inclined household listening to her dad’s bands practice everything from rock, pop and yes, even country, to her mom and uncle’s voices singing to oldies and classic tunes. Introduced to instruments, sound equipment, cassette tapes, CD players, and eventually Napster, KB always had a knack for creating with the senses, or Winamp skins (if you know, you know!). Whether it was playing with the forward/rewind button to write down lyrics, creating choreography, bgirlin’ or making the perfect mixtape to support the appropriate mood and environment, KB’s passion for mixed arts and media never ceased. Through experience and exploration of playing in bands, singing in choirs, dancing melodic movements, and mixing sounds, for KB, music’s always been a passion engraved in her heart and soul.

“Music is the common thread that brings us all together - same page, same level, same story. When you feel the music, you connect with yourself from within, and from there you find familiarity and peace around you.”

Aside from focusing on music, KB is a health and wellness advocate, avid yogi, CrossFitter and weightlifter. She currently works full-time as a healthcare professional, but loves building community, connecting resources, collaborating, coaching and helping others manifest to be the best version of themselves. Her professional experience includes business operations, event planning, technological advancements and management of programs, projects, products and people.





  • MUSIC: Choir, band: flute, piano, bass guitar, drums, turntablism (thank you SkratchLounge), college courses in History of Jazz and World of Music.

  • DANCE: Started at age 6 with hula, learned ballroom, Latin, traditional Filipino dances, modern, jazz, hip hop choreography, breakdancing.

  • DJING: Introduced in 2005, began practicing in 2016, more consistent practice and seriousness since 2017 (2 years and going…)


Homegrown. PRACTICE x PRACTICE x PRACTICE, the must-read book “How to DJ Right”, online/in-person DJ and music theory workshops, networking and connecting, reading/watching advice from the great originals, including personal favorites: Rob Swift of the X-ecutioners and The Magnificent DJ Jazzy Jeff.